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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Has Stopped Working

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 has stopped working” error may occur due to several reasons.  This includes faculty add-ins, lost or damaged DLL files, incorrect Outlook configuration, to name a few. In addition, corrupt PST file is also an important factor which needs to be addressed with immediacy i.e. repair the PST file. This Blog discusses how.

Check Event Viewer

The Event Viewer is a good diagnostic tool in Windows provides access to users to view the event logs on a local or a remote machine. Through the event logs, users can sort out reasons for the errors more easily. Thus it is highly recommended to check the Event Viewer as soon as we receive “Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working” error message —

1. In the “Start Menu”, type “event” in the search field

2. Then from the list that appears, select “Event Viewer” or “View event logs”

3. In “Event Viewer” window, expand “Windows Logs” and select “Application”

 4. Then in the “Source” column of the centre pane, locate “outlook”, “Windows Error Reporting” or “ApplicationError” Check the recent event logs from the three sources. You may receive some related error. For instance, like theMSVCR90.dll file.

5. If you are able to identify the reasons of the errors from the event logs, proceed to take the following actions to fix the error.

However, many a time, you may not be able to receive the useful information. Thus, in this case, you can take the following measures to resolve the issue —

Remove Faulty Add-ins in the safe mode

Firstly, start outlook in the safe mode.
Search “outlook.exe/safe” in the “Start Menu”. Next, press “Enter”
Then, go to “File” > ”add-ins”>”Go”
In the new dialog box, remove all the third-party add-ins and only leave the Microsoft add-ins.
Create a New Outlook Profile

Follow the below steps:

To start with, head to “Control Panel” > “mail” applet
In the new dialog box, click “Show profile”

In the latter dialog, click “Add” button and give a specific name to it.
Next, add the email account.
Now, change the new created profile as the default email profile.

6.  Finally, restart outlook.

Repair office installation

Follow the steps below:

At the beginning, open “control panel,”, and click “Uninstall program.”
In the subsequent window, click on Microsoft Office and click “change.”
In the new popup window, select “Quick Repair” and click “Repair” button.
After the repair process ends, restart Outlook.
Repair Corrupt PST File via ScanPST

To do so, follow the steps below:

Open Windows Explorer and search “Scanpst” in the installation directory of Outlook.
Double click on “SCANPST” to run this tool.
Then Select the file using the “browse” button and search the file by clicking on “Start”
After scanning, click the “Repair” button to initiate the repair process.
Finally, restart Outlook.

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