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How to change hp laptop account name

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If you are using Hp laptop and haven’t changed your account name and password for a long time, you should think about changing it as soon as possible. The procedure is different for different operating systems. In this brief, we will be discussing how to change the account name on an Hp laptop operated by few famous operating systems.

Changing the Account Name Using Windows 10

Go through the following steps if you are using Windows 10 as your operating system

· Firstly, you must go to start menu and from there control panel.

· There you have to click on the option called ‘User accounts’.

· Then click on ‘change your account name’ and put your desired account name there.

Changing the Account Name Using Windows 8

If Windows 8 is the operating system that you are using on your HP laptop then follow the following steps to change the account name:

· Firstly, you have to press the Windows key and ‘C’ key together to open the Charms menu.

· There you have to select ‘settings’.

· In ‘settings’, you will find ‘control panel’.

· In control panel, you will find ‘user accounts’.

· From there you have to select the ‘change your account name’ in order to change the account name of your HP laptop.

Change the Account Name Using Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, you can follow the following steps to change the account name on your HP laptop:

· Go to control panel

· Find ‘add or remove user accounts’ and click on it.

· Then select the account you want to change and change the account name.

If you face any difficulty during the procedure you can always seek the help of HP customer service.


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