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How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error In Windows?

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So there are a number of ways by which you can simply resolve this issue. But the easiest ones are mentioned here:-

• So among all the available options one that you can try is to deal with the address and fix it at your end.
• For that, you have to simply tap on the start button and then you have to go to the run option.
• After that you have to simply tap on the network and sharing center option by doing so you have reached the half path.
• Then you just have to tap on the option saying change adapter settings, after that you just have to right click on network adapter of yours and then you just have to tap on the properties option.
• Followed by changing the settings them and set them the default GOOGLE’s DNS setting.

By doing so you will be most probably be able to resolve your issue and just in case that does not help you then in that case you just have to take the help from the techies of the company or you can also try to resolve the issue of DNS Server Not Responding by Resetting the DNS settings.

Helpful Link - http://www.snakepoke.com/how-to-fix-dns-server-not-responding-windows-10/


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