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How To Install Avast Antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus: how to install, setup, turn off, and more
Avast Free Antivirus is a popular free antivirus program created by the company AVAST Software s.r.o.

The headquarters of Avast is located in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic and they also have offices in Germany, China, United States, South Korea, and Taiwan

Avast free edition is also a good virus protection for your Windows 10 PC.

Install and setup Avast Free Antivirus
Install Avast Free Antivirus
1. Go to www.avast.com (official website).

2. Click on the download button (DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS).

3. If your browser asks where to save the installer file, then select a location on your computer where you want to save the installer and then click on the Save button.

4. Run the installation file.

Two ways to run the installation file:

Click on the downloaded installation file (e.g., avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe) in your web browser screen. Google Chrome will be in the left bottom corner. Mozilla Firefox will be at the right top corner.
Go to the location on your PC where you saved the installation file and then double-click on the downloaded installation file (e.g., avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe).
5. Click on Customize located just below the INSTALL button.

6. Uncheck everything except File Shield, Behavior Shield, Web Shield, and if you are using an email client (software), then leave Mail Shield also checked.

uncheck avast free antivirus components

Mail Shield works only for 3rd party mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, or The Bat! and not for online email services like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.
Browser Protection: most antivirus programs install browser protection extensions, but you don't need extra browser protection, because most web browsers have phishing and malware protection built-in. And browser extensions can actually make you less safe because they can create security holes. If you want better protection, then don't use browser extensions.
Cleanup and Browser Cleanup can be replaced by the free version of Ccleaner or you can use the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup tool.
7. When you're ready you click on the Install button located at the bottom of the setup window.

Avast Free Antivirus will now be installed on your computer.

When the installation process is completed, it will open the next window.

8. Click on the CONTINUE button located at the bottom.

The next window will appear.

Here you can read about the data that Avast Free Antivirus will collect.


Don't worry, because you can opt-out at any time.

Later in this article, I will show you how you can opt-out.

9. Click on the FINISH button located at the bottom.

The Avast user interface will now appear.

10. Restart your PC.

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Setup Avast Antivirus
1. Open Avast Free Antivirus.

2. Click on Settings located in the bottom left corner of Avast.

3. If you don't want the message: This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast at the bottom of every email you send, then uncheck Enable Avast email signature.

disable avast email signature

4. Click on Sounds and uncheck Enable Avast sounds.

5. Click on Privacy and uncheck Participate in the Avast community and Participate in data sharing.

6. Click on Components located in the left sidebar.

7. Click on Customize located next to File Shield.

8. Click on Actions located in the left sidebar.

9. Select the following options at Virus, PUP and Suspicious:

Select action to be performed when a ... is found.

If the action fails, then: Move to Chest
If the action fails, then: Fix automatically
Note! you will need to change these settings within each tab separately (virus, pup and suspicious).

Avast Free Antivirus Actions Settings

10. Click on the OK button located at the bottom of the settings window to save the settings.

11. Click on the OK button located at the bottom of the first settings window to save the settings and to go back to the main user interface.

Avast account
Log into your Avast account or if you don't have one yet, then you will need to create one.

1. Click on Sign in located in the top right corner of Avast.

2. Now you will have the following options: LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK, LOGIN WITH GOOGLE or you can enter your email address and password and then click on the LOGIN button.

3. If you don't have an account yet, then click on Create a new account.

4. Now you will have the following options: LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK, LOGIN WITH GOOGLE or enter your email address and desired password (twice) and then click on the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button.



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