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Why Google voice search not working on iphone

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Why Google voice search not working on iphone?

It is first required to go in settings and should go to the section of “Application manager” when you are using “Google search” on mobile phone.

Choose “Google search” and choose “Google not responding” button

Select the option of search file which is located at the bottom to make it clear easily.

There is need to hold the clear button and choose all the data and cache file.

There is need to go for the application change and thereafter you should choose the “Google search” button and should follow on-screen instruction.

There is need to choose all relatively file which will help you to search out the content from the Google and give it some change.

Individual should go to the firmware service for checking out the “Settings.” You should hold the “Restore” button to activate the settings.

When you will not be sure that you have enabled the Google search or not, there is need to go to “Settings” to check it out.

Even,you can simply look for “Google search” and tap enable button and tap the next button.

You need to go in the history file and choose “Clear caches and data of the Google search” and press “remove” button accordingly.

Now, you can see if google voice search not working has been resolved


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