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5 definitions of Water Security Data

Authors: Mike Johnson
Owners: Mike Johnson
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Created:Aug 04, 2016 at 5:32 p.m.
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This is the data associated with the paper "The five meanings of Water Security". It contains 6 sheets:

1) Definitions: This sheet contains the definition used as well as the author and year
2) Frequency: This sheets shows the instances of each unique word in the definitions from sheet 1.
3) Aggregation: This sheet shows how the words from sheet 2 were aggregated by functional meaning. In this aggregation the word with the most instances became the 'head' word. The words that fall under each head were replaced with that word. For example, 'safe' is replaced with quality.
4) 10 dimensions: These headings were then aggregated thematically into 10 dominate themes. These are described as the 10 dimensions of water security.
5) Edited Definitions: The definitions from sheet 1 are edited in a way such that any word that falls within one of the 10 dimensions from sheet 4 are replaced with that dimension’s name.
6) Count Data: This sheet shows the number of times one of the 10 dimensions occurs in each definition. This ultimately provides a thematic look at what each author is discussing.
7) Scaled and Centered data: This sheet shows the scaled and centered data the is used for Euclidian distance calculations.
8) Node and Cluster Data: This sheets displays which node each definition falls into, as well as different clustering schemes.

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Water Security

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