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How to install norton antivirus on windows 10

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How to install Norton antivirus on windows 10, easy steps:

Installation of Norton Antivirus has become easier now a day. You just need to buy a product key either through offline or through online. There are multiple ways with the help of which you can install Norton Antivirus in your windows 10. With the expansion of technology window 10 has become more required. It is recommended to all to keep the authentic antivirus so that your device and data could be protected easily, and the authentic antivirus is only Norton Antivirus. The company Symantec Inc. has been working since the establishment over the designing and developing the antivirus. The company produces several ranges of antivirus according to the demand in the marketplace. It is always beneficial to get an antivirus of long validity. Now, let's focus on the installation process. If you are a new who are using this antivirus then you can take help from Norton antivirus technical support which is a platform where you will learn the proper handling of the product as well as the services.

Steps to install Norton Antivirus in Windows 10:

First of all, go to the official web portal of Norton Antivirus.

If you are a registered user then login into an account, if not, then get registered into a new account.

After login into an account you will be able to see the multiple ranges of Norton Antivirus and also you can access all of them easily.

Select any one of the products and open it.

Click on the product key of an antivirus and here you will see a certain amount.

First, you need to pay the amount then after you will be able to access the product.

After the successful transaction you will get a product key and then you need to install the Norton Antivirus through the same link given surroundings.

Now fill the product key and click the Activate button.

Now your Antivirus has been successfully installed and ready to work. Always note some certain points that before installing any application make sure that your device is running smoothly or not.


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