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Created: Dec 08, 2017 at 3:25 p.m.
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This web app launches the MultiSpec Online tool on MyGeoHub ( for geospatial data exploration, analysis and visualization.

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Resource Specific

App-launching Resource Level URL Pattern: Help${HS_USR_NAME}/${HS_RES_ID}/data/contents/${HS_FILE_NAME}

App-launching Aggregation Level URL Pattern: Help${HS_USR_NAME}/${HS_RES_ID}/data/contents/${HS_AGG_PATH}

Supported Resource Types:

Composite Resource

Supported Aggregation Types:

Multidimensional Content: A multidimensional dataset represented by a NetCDF file (.nc) and text file giving its NetCDF header content, Geographic Raster Content: A geographic grid represented by a virtual raster tile (.vrt) file and one or more geotiff (.tif) files

Supported Resource Sharing Status:

Published, Public, Discoverable, Private

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Additional Metadata

Name Value
appkey mygeohub-gabbs
require_user_authentication true
irods_federation_target_path /rcacZone/home/mygeohub/external/hydroshare
irods_federation_target_resource demoResc

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Biehl, L., A. R. Maud, W. Hsu, T. T. Yeh (2019). GABBs MultiSpec Online, HydroShare,

This resource is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.


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