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Bellsouth email settings for windows live mail

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Created:Apr 27, 2018 at 11:42 a.m.
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What To Do If You Want To Get Bellsouth Email Settings For Your Windows Live Mail Account

You should click the “File” tab

Tap “Add Account” and “Add new account” window,you are required to do following:

Click “Manual setup or additional server types” radio button and click “Next” button

Tap “POP or IMAP” radio button, and tap “Next”

By using “User Information” section, enter the name and email address

Type the “Name” as the way users want it to appear to others.Individual should enter “AT&T email address”, like “name@att.net”

In server section,for the “Account Type”, you need to select “POP3 or IMAP”

Individual need to do these things:

If you have “POP3” accounts, you should enter “inbound.att.net” for the “Incoming mail server.”For the “Outgoing mail server”,you should use “outbound.att.net”

If there is “IMAP” accounts, there is need to enter “imap.mail.att.net” for the “Incoming mail server.”For Outgoing mail server,you need to enter “smtp.mail.att.net”

By using the “Logon Information” section, you need to enter Username, Password and then check Remember password box

Click “More Settings” and for“Outgoing Server” tab,check the options:

My outgoing server requires authentication

Use same settings as my incoming mail server

You need to click the option of Advanced tab and should enter following details:

If you use POP3 accounts,port number will be 995 and select SSL from “Use the following type of encrypted connection”.For SMTP, the port is 465 and select SSL from “Use the following type of encrypted connection.”

When you have IMAP ,the port is 993 and select SSL.SMTP port is 465 and select SSL

Click “OK” and by using “Internet E-mail Settings” window, tap “Next”

You need to select the option of “Finish”

For further issues,you can use Bellsouth customer service number

Website:- http://www.gaubal.com/email-support/bellsouth-customer-service

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