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How to fix Mac sound is not working?

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Created:Aug 20, 2018 at 4:42 a.m.
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Is your Mac has stopped playing sound? Or sound is coming from wrong speakers? Then it will really irritate you when you need to play anything on your Mac. There are multiple reasons behind the sound problem of Mac and you can very easily fix with some easy troubleshooting. With Mac Technical Support, you can very easily get reliable solutions to fix the sound related problem on Mac from the experts. You can also read the most reliable steps to fix sound related problems mentioned in this article very clearly.
If Mac not playing sound, then you can follow the below-mentioned methods to fix this problem:
Method# 1 Check the volume level
Make sure that your Mac’s volume button is not turned down because if the volume button is turned down, then you can also fix this problem. So press the volume up button present near to the F12 key and when you up the volume, you can see the processing of up down on your screen.
Method# 2 Check the System Preferences of Sound Settings
·         Click on the Apple icon and then choose System Preferences.
·         Select the Sound option from the scroll-down menu.
·         Click on the Output tab and then you can very easily see the list of all output audio.
·         Now click on the Internal Speakers to play the sound from your Mac speakers.
Method# 3 Check for the earphones
Ensure that there are no external earphones connected to your Mac because if any external audio device connecting, then you can’t play sound on Mac from the inbuilt speakers.
Method# 4 Restart your Mac
Restart your Mac is one of the best approaches to get rid of various technical issues. Find the power button on your Mac and then press it for about the 2 seconds and then again press it to turn on the Mac.
Contact Mac Customer Service Support for instant assistance
If you are not capable to resolve the sound problem in your Mac after applying the above-given steps, then you can get an effective customer service by dialing the Mac Customer Service Support Number where a group of highly skilled experts will endow perfect solutions to resolve all sorts of issues arrive when using the Mac. With their perfect assistance, you can very easily fix sound not working the problem on Mac. You can get this assistance 24/7 by making a phone call from all over the world.

More Info :- http://www.etechhelps.com/mac-customer-service

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