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How to setup telus email on mac

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Avail immediate and instant assistance from the technical experts to know how to setup Telus email on Mac

More on Telus email account:

Telus email is one of the most commonly used email accounts that helps the users to send important emails from one email account to the other email account. Moreover, Telus email helps the users to send important emails and messages across different email accounts. Telus email has many features embedded in it that help to make it an easy to use

How can the users set up Telus email on Mac:

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to set up Telus email on Mac. for doing this the users need to follow a certain set of instructions. The steps for doing this are listed below. If the user face some issue, then the users may contact  Telus Email Tech Support for talking to the technical experts for getting desired assistance and help to fix the issues.
First of all the user needs to Click on the Create option.
After this, the users may click on the option of Select Preferences from the File menu.
Then the user needs to Click on the Accounts option.
Thereafter the user needs to click on the outgoing mail server (SMTP), and then-then click on the option of Edit SMTP Server List.
The users may then select smtp.telus.net and then click on the Advanced option.
The users may select the option of Use custom port.
After this, the users may then enter 1025.
Finally, the users may click on the ok option.
These are some of the steps that let the users know how to set up Telus email on Mac. These steps are simple and can be easily implemented and applied very easily without any issue and difficulty. The users may instantly contact Telus Email Customer Service for availing instant help and assistance to get the issues resolved.

How can the users contact the technical experts for availing help?
The users may dial Telus Email Technical Support Number so that the users may talk to the technical experts for getting proper guidance and support for fixing the issues. The experts are well qualified and have a lot of knowledge in providing proper guidance to resolve the issues. All the steps are well explained by the users in an organized manner that helps the users to get the issues resolved that the user might be facing while creating Telus email account on Mac in an instant manner.

Website link for more information:- http://www.etechhelps.com/telus-email-technical-support

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