HydroShare Statement of Privacy

Last modified January 24, 2016

HydroShare is operated by a team of researchers associated with the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) and funded by the National Science Foundation.  The services are hosted at participating institutions including the Renaissance Computing Institute at University of North Carolina, Utah State University, Brigham Young University, Tufts, University of Virginia, University of Texas, Purdue and CUAHSI.  In the following these are referred to as participating institutions.

We respect your privacy. We will only use your personal identification information to support and manage your use of hydroshare.org, including the use of tracking cookies to facilitate hydroshare.org security procedures. The HydroShare participating institutions and the National Science Foundation (which funds hydroshare.org development) regularly request hydroshare.org usages statistics and other information. Usage of hydroshare.org is monitored and usage statistics are collected and reported on a regular basis. Hydroshare.org also reserves the right to contact you to request additional information or to keep you updated on changes to Hydroshare.org. You may opt out of receiving newsletters and other non-essential communications. No information that would identify you personally will be provided to sponsors or third parties without your permission.

While HydroShare uses policies and procedures to manage the access to content according to the access control settings set by users all information posted or stored on hydroshare.org is potentially available to other users of hydroshare.org and the public. The HydroShare participating institutions and hydroshare.org disclaim any responsibility for the preservation of confidentiality of such information. Do not post or store information on hydroshare.org if you expect to or are obligated to protect the confidentiality of that information.