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GroMoPo Metadata for Nordfjord glacier ice model

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Created: Feb 08, 2023 at 2:47 a.m.
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Basal water pressure and water flow patterns are significant factors in controlling the behavior of an ice sheet, because they influence ice-sheet thickness, stability and extent. Water produced by basal melting may infiltrate the subsurface, or occur as sheet or channelized flow at the ice/bed interface. We examine subglacial groundwater conditions along a flowline of the Scandinavian ice sheet through Nordfjord, in the western fjords region of southern Norway, using a steady-state, two-dimensional groundwater-flow model. Meltwater input to the groundwater model is calculated by a two-dimensional, time-dependent, thermomechanically coupled ice-flow model oriented along the same flowline. Model results show that the subglacial sediments could not have transmitted all the meltwater out of the fjord during times of ice advance and when the ice sheet was at its maximum position at the edge of the continental shelf. In order for pore-water pressures to remain below the overburden pressure of the overlying ice, other paths of subglacial drainage are necessary to remove excess water. During times of retreat, the subglacial aquifer is incapable of transmitting all the meltwater that was probably generated. Pulses of meltwater reaching the bed could explain non-climatically driven margin readvances during the overall retreat phase.

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Coordinate System/Geographic Projection:
WGS 84 EPSG:4326
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Additional Metadata

Name Value
DOI 10.3189/172756507781833811
Depth 1000
Scale 10 001 - 100 000 km²
Layers 2-5 layers
Purpose Climate change
GroMoPo_ID 138
IsVerified True
Model Code MODFLOW
Model Link
Model Time SS
Model Year 2007
Model Authors C. A. Moeller, D. M. Mickelson, M. P. Anderson, C. Winguth
Model Country Norway
Data Available Report/paper only
Developer Email
Dominant Geology Unconsolidated sediments
Developer Country University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Publication Title Groundwater flow beneath Late Weichselian glacier ice in Nordfjord, Norway
Original Developer No
Additional Information This groundwater model assesses the subglacial groundwater flow in the western fjords region in southern Norway. Meltwater input to the groundwater model is calculated by a two-dimensional, time-dependent, thermomechanically coupled ice-flow model oriented along the same flowline
Integration or Coupling Ice flow modelling and meltwater modelling
Evaluation or Calibration Static water levels
Geologic Data Availability

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