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Open Source Cyberinfrastructure 
to Simplify the Development and Deployment of Environmental Modelling Web Applications

Authors: Dan Ames · Zhiyu (Drew) Li · Jim Nelson · Norm Jones · David Tarboton
Owners: Dan Ames
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Created:Jun 27, 2018 at 6:55 a.m.
Last updated: Jun 27, 2018 at 3:06 p.m. by Dan Ames


In view of the ubiquitous mobile-app concept that has taken hold over the past decade, whereby distinct, single purpose, modular applications are developed and deployed in a shared user interface (i.e. the phone in your pocket), we have created open source cyberinfrastructure that mimics this paradigm for developing and deploying environmental web applications using open source tools and cloud computing services. This cyberinfrastructure integrates HydroShare for cloud-based data storage and app cataloging, together with Tethys Platform for Python/Django based app development. HydroShare is an open source web-based data management system for climate and water data that is includes a web-services application programmer interface (API) to allow third party programmers to access and use its data resources. We have created a metadata management structure within HydroShare for cataloging, discovering, and sharing web apps. Tethys Platform is an open source software package based on the Django framework, Python programming language, Geoserver, PostgreSQL, OpenLayers and other open source technologies. The Tethys software development kit allows users to create web apps that are presented in a common portal for visualizing, analyzing and modelling environmental data. We will introduce this new cyberinfrastructure through a combination of architecture design and demonstration, and will provide attendees the essential concepts for building their own web apps using these tools.

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iEMSs2018,iEMSs,Tethys Platform,HydroShare

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Ames, D., Z. (. Li, J. Nelson, N. Jones, D. Tarboton (2018). Open Source Cyberinfrastructure 
to Simplify the Development and Deployment of Environmental Modelling Web Applications, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/28c21ab4fd8d4e8cabbcca2057f6cd95

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Dan Ames Brigham Young University
Zhiyu (Drew) Li Brigham Young University
Jim Nelson BYU
Norm Jones Brigham Young University UT, US 8014227569
David Tarboton Utah State University Utah, US 4357973172 ORCID


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