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How to use HydroShare to organize Summer Institute teamwork

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Created: Jul 26, 2016 at 6:32 p.m.
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This is a User Story of how the 2016 National Water Center Innovators used HydroShare to organize their data, run their models, and publish their research fom the summer institute.

Steps for research team members to get started with the Group:
1. Go to Collaborate in the Dashboard
2. Ask to Join the National Water Center Innovators Group. The group owner will be emailed your request, and you will be emailed a confirmation that your invitation has been accepted.

Steps for project team leaders to get started with their team Collection:
3. Go to My Resources in the Dashboard
4. New Resource - Select Collection
5. Add details with each team member as an Author
6. Invite team members to add their resources to the Team Collection.
7. Go to settings for your resource, the lock icon in the top right, and share your resource by clicking on Group, select the NWC Innvoators Group.
Now your work can be added to Collections by Adnan (summer institute data ' owner').

Steps for team members to get started with their individual resources:
8. Go to My Resources in the Dashboard
9. Create new Resources -- Upload Data - see Help on Dashboard for details on Resource Types and Settings.
10. You have a HydroShare Profile! Fill it out! Click on the top right empty icon and it will take you to a profile form where you can put your avatar or headshot.
11. Work with your team to upload their data and populate your Hydroshare Collection. Consider naming structures, list of authors and consistent descriptions that will be useful for future work. Metadata is a gift to the future!

e.g. Template for Project Organization
All summer institute 2016 Keywords: NWC Innovators, flood modeling, inundation mapping, forecasting error, emergency response; e.g. FloodHippo project keywords: FloodHIPPO, DisasterZoo, geofencing
Author order options: Summer institute recommendation - use report author order for the Collection Resource. For individual resources, list by contribution, other options include alphabetical, or listing only single owners as author.
Abstract: Consider repeating parts of the Abstract from the Collection folder with additional details on each resource included. Instructions for one line to repeat in 2016 summer project and one line to repeat with project title. (This step may become obsolete depending on hierarchy viewing functions added to the HS).
Contributors: this should be any person or institute that has given time or resources that supported the project or resource; e.g. USACE, U of Alabama.
Credits: List NSF funding for NWC.

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