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Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio Region, TX, USA, Steady-State CFPv2 Model

Authors: Tim Sullivan · Yongli Gao · Thomas Reimann
Owners: Tim Sullivan
DOI:10.4211/hs.45062aa8e2c04e66b5f43500cb2bd068 How to Cite
Resource type:MODFLOW Model Instance Resource
Created:Oct 24, 2018 at 11:41 p.m.
Last updated: Oct 28, 2018 at midnight by Tim Sullivan


This is the model data set for the steady-state Conduit Flow Process v2 (CFPv2) model of the Edwards Aquifer in the San Antonio, TX, USA region. The model simulates water flow through the aquifer matrix and karst conduits. The results of this model are part of the manuscript "Nitrate Transport in a Karst Aquifer: Numerical Model Development and Source Evaluation" submitted for publication in Water Resources Research.

Subject Keywords

Edwards aquifer,Groundwater modeling,CFPv2,Karst

How to cite

Sullivan, T., Y. Gao, T. Reimann (2018). Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio Region, TX, USA, Steady-State CFPv2 Model, HydroShare, https://doi.org/10.4211/hs.45062aa8e2c04e66b5f43500cb2bd068

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The people or organizations that created the intellectual content of the resource.

Name Organization Address Phone Author Identifiers
Tim Sullivan University of Texas at San Antonio ORCID
Yongli Gao ORCID
Thomas Reimann ORCID
Model Output
Includes output files? No

Executed By
Name Unspecified

Study Area

Grid Dimensions
Number of layers 1
Number of rows 370
Number of columns 700

Stress Period
Type Steady

Groundwater Flow
Flow package LPF
Includes Horizontal Flow Barrier Package (HFB6) Yes

Boundary Condition
Specified flux boundary package(s) WEL, RCH
Head-dependent flux boundary package(s) DRN, RIV

Model solver PCG
Output control package OC


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