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WEPPcloud model for Watershed 6, Mica Creek Experimental Watershed, ID

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Created: Mar 01, 2022 at 5:58 p.m.
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DOI: 10.4211/hs.5758f9322b514671b870a3d339ef80c8
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This resource contains WEPPcloud model inputs and outputs for the Watershed 6, Mica Creek Experimental Watershed, ID.

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Coordinate System/Geographic Projection:
WGS 84 EPSG:4326
Coordinate Units:
Decimal degrees
Place/Area Name:
Watershed 6, Mica Creek Experimental Watershed, ID
North Latitude
East Longitude
South Latitude
West Longitude


Start Date:
End Date:


This zipped folder contains the following folders:

climate (dir)

- the climate files generated by hillslope in .prn and .cli formats
- the watershed climate file
- the original daymet/gridmet data that was used to generate the .cli files

dem (dir)

- the 30-m DEM map used in the analysis
- topaz folder containing the watershed delineation and all the maps created during the watershed delineation

export (dir)

  • contains channels and subcatchments files in ArcGIS format containing topographic characteristics (such as slope, aspect, or length), input data (soil and management), and output information (runoff, lateral flow, baseflow, sediment, pollutant, etc.). The file also contains the several GeoTIFF maps used in the model run.

landuse (dir)

  • contains landuse map (e.g. ascii map with the 2016 National Land Cover Database (NLCD) for US Locale. The NLCD codes are translated into WEPP-equivalent managements based the mapping for the configuration._

observed (dir)

  • observed data (if) provided by the user

soils (dir)

  • contains the soil files in WEPP format by mukey and a ssurgo.asc map

watershed (dir)

  • contains files with slope information for each channel and hillslope

wepp (dir)

  • with sub-folders:
    • wepp/flowpaths -- contains model input and output based on the flowpaths option, if selected. If the flowpath option is selected, the WEPP model will be run for each map pixel. This folder contains a runs folder with all the input data and an output folder with the runoff and soil loss for each flowpath.
    • wepp/output -- contains the main model outputs for the watershed
    • wepp/plots -- contains model plots -- generally empty
    • wepp/runs -- contains all the main input data for the model
    • wepp/stats -- generally empty

nodb files

  • JSON serialized instances of wepppy.nodb classes used by WEPPcloud. These contain metadata related to the project. They are viewable in FireFox/Notepad++ etc.

More on NoDB Files

WEPPcloud project runs are designed to be self-contained and to not rely on a centralized database. This is accomplished by storing model run information in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files. These are the .nodb files in the project’s root folder. The .nodb files are serialized Python class instances that greatly simplifies modeling from a programmatic perspective. Even for non-programmers these files can be informative.

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WEPPcloud hydrologic model runs for undisturbed forested watersheds in the Mica Creek Experimental Watershed, ID Mariana Dobre  Published Open Access


Funding Agencies

This resource was created using funding from the following sources:
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USDA AFRI-NIFA grant 2016-67020-25320/project accession 1009827
NSF DMS-1520873


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Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station USDA
Pacific Southwest Research Station USDA

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Dobre, M., R. Lew, A. Srivastava, C. Deval, E. S. Brooks, W. J. Elliot, P. R. Robichaud (2022). WEPPcloud model for Watershed 6, Mica Creek Experimental Watershed, ID, HydroShare,

This resource is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.


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