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National Water Model HydroLearn Python Notebooks

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Created: May 26, 2021 at 9:01 p.m.
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This resource contains Jupyter Python notebooks which are intended to be used to learn about the U.S. National Water Model (NWM). These notebooks explore NWM forecasts in various ways. NWM Notebooks 1, 2, and 3, access NWM forecasts directly from the NOAA NOMADS file sharing system. Notebook 4 accesses NWM forecasts from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) storage in addition to NOMADS. A brief summary of what each notebook does is included below:

Notebook 1 (NWM1_Visualization) focuses on visualization. It includes functions for downloading and extracting time series forecasts for any of the 2.7 million stream reaches of the U.S. NWM. It also demonstrates ways to visualize forecasts using Python packages like matplotlib.

Notebook 2 (NWM2_Xarray) explores methods for slicing and dicing NWM NetCDF files using the python library, XArray.

Notebook 3 (NWM3_Subsetting) is focused on subsetting NWM forecasts and NetCDF files for specified reaches and exporting NWM forecast data to CSV files.

Notebook 4 (NWM4_Hydrotools) uses Hydrotools, a new suite of tools for evaluating NWM data, to retrieve NWM forecasts both from NOMADS and from Google Cloud Platform storage where older NWM forecasts are cached. This notebook also briefly covers visualizing, subsetting, and exporting forecasts retrieved with Hydrotools.

**NOTE: Notebook 4 Requires a newer version of NumPy that is not available on the default CUAHSI JupyterHub instance. Please use the instance "HydroLearn - Intelligent Earth" and ensure to run !pip install hydrotools.nwm_client[gcp].**

The notebooks are part of a NWM learning module on When the associated learning module is complete, the link to it will be added here. It is recommended that these notebooks be opened through the CUAHSI JupyterHub App on Hydroshare. This can be done via the 'Open With' button at the top of this resource page.

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