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System for Producing RIver Network Geometry (SPRING) - A conceptual model for generating river bathymetry for entire network in a watershed

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Created: Oct 13, 2019 at 11:02 p.m.
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DOI: 10.4211/hs.5f997ec440ea41859bc329ea4a5d7289
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Modeling riverine processes require accurate representation of topography. However, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) do not have complete bathymetric representation and need to be augmented with additional bathymetry data. SPRING is a conceptual bathymetry generation tool for creating 3D representation of river channel geometry that can be incorporating into traditional DEMs to develop a complete a more accurate "topo-bathy" DEM. SPRING has an automated framework for processing entire river network in a watershed with minimal user intervention, thereby, enabling it to process large watersheds efficiently. This is a significant advantage over other currently available river bathymetry generation tools which can only process single reaches. Additionally, most of the conceptual bathymetric models currently available to fluvial modelers create symmetric functional surfaces, which do not reflect the anisotropic characteristics of the river channel. SPRING captures the anisotropy in river geometry due to a meandering thalweg, thereby, creating asymmetric river channels that are more representative of natural river systems.

This resource contains an initial release of SPRING. It is available to users as a toolbar in ArcMap, which deploys intuitive Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) to ensure that no programming (coding) background is required for implementing SPRING. Following files are included with this resource:
1) Installation File: This folder contains a zipped file of the SPRING windows installer (.msi)
2) SPRING_short_instructions.pdf: As the name suggests, these are concise instructions to set up and get SPRING running for the sample data
3) SPRING_User_Manual.pdf: These are slightly more detailed instructions about getting SPRING to run on the user’s dataset. It has more background and troubleshooting information on SPRING.
4) Sample Data: This folder contains a set of sample data. It has a DEM (“sampledem”) and a file geodatabase (“Sample_Data.gdb”). The file geodatabase contains all the input, intermediate and output feature classes that are needed by SPRING.

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