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Getting Started with ParFlow: Dead Run Watershed, Baltimore County, Maryland Example (Revised)

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Created: Sep 06, 2022 at 6:48 p.m.
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This is an update to the technical report written by Aditi Bhaskar in 2010, "Getting Started with ParFlow: Dead Run, Baltimore Maryland Example", published as Technical Report 2010/002 by Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education at UMBC. This document details how to apply ParFlow.CLM to the example of a small urban watershed in Baltimore, Maryland: Dead Run. Instructions are provided for necessary software downloads and installations, pre-processing steps for DEM, generation of the necessary input files, setting up the problem input script and visualizing the resulting output using VisIt. The report takes the reader from beginning to end, from readings on ParFlow.CLM and steps for download and installation, through running the Dead Run example model. This material is intended to complement the extensive ParFlow documentation available on GitHub.

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Coordinate System/Geographic Projection:
WGS 84 EPSG:4326
Coordinate Units:
Decimal degrees
Place/Area Name:
Woodlawn, MD
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# ParFlow.CLM input files for Dead Run watershed, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
# Created by Maryam Rishehri and Mahdad Talebpour 
# June 2022
# This resources contains files to run ParFlow.CLM for Dead Run.
# The simulation spans one year from Jan 1, 2015 @ 00:00:00 to Dec 31, 2015 23:59:59
# The domain extent in Maryland Lambert Conformal projection is:
# north:      186200
# south:      179000
# west:       419400
# east:       425400
# The following are a summary of the computational setup
# 	Time step: 1 hr			
# 	domain extent x: 6 (km)		--> domain extent in east-west direction  
# 	domain extent y: 7.2 (km)	--> domain extent in north-south direction  
# 	domain extent z: 31 (m)		--> subsurface depth of the domain  
# 	nx: 150 			--> number of model cells in x-direction
# 	ny: 180 			--> number of model cells in y-direction
# 	nz: 15 				--> number of model cells in z-direction
#  	dx: 40 (m)			--> grid resolution in x-direction
# 	dy: 40 (m)			--> grid resolution in y-direction
# 	dz: variable (m)		--> The variable dz option was used to 
# 					    define variable depth layers as follows:
# 						8.0,4.0,2.0,2.0,2.0,2.0,2.0,2.0,
# 						2.0,2.0,1.0,1.0,0.6,0.3,0.1
# Organization: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
# SourceCode: UMBC
# SourceDescription: Implementation of ParFlow.CLM over the domain of Dead Run Watershed. 
# SourceLink: Null 
# ContactName: Claire Welty 
# Email: 
# Citation: Rishehri, M., M. Talebpour, A. S. Bhaskar, T. Lim, C. Welty (2023). Getting Started with ParFlow: Dead Run Watershed, Baltimore County, Maryland Example (Revised), HydroShare,
# UTC Offset
# UTCOffset: -5  

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National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Urban Critical Zone processes along the Piedmont-Coastal Plain transition 2012340


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Michael L Barnes University of Maryland Baltimore County
John J. Lagrosa IV Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Maryland, US

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