Jupyter Notebooks for the ERA5 Data Component

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This resource includes two Jupyter Notebooks as a quick start tutorial for the ERA5 data component of the PyMT modeling framework (https://pymt.readthedocs.io/) developed by Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS https://csdms.colorado.edu/).

The bmi_era5 package is an implementation of the Basic Model Interface (BMI https://bmi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) for the ERA5 dataset (https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/CKB/ERA5). This package uses the cdsapi (https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/api-how-to) to download the ERA5 dataset and wraps the dataset with BMI for data control and query (currently support 3 dimensional ERA5 dataset). This package is not implemented for people to use and is the key element to help convert the ERA5 dataset into a data component for the PyMT modeling framework.

The pymt_era5 package is implemented for people to use as a reusable, plug-and-play ERA5 data component for the PyMT modeling framework. This package uses the BMI implementation from the bmi_era5 package and allows the ERA5 datasets to be easily coupled with other datasets or models that expose a BMI.

HydroShare users can test and run the Jupyter Notebooks (bmi_era5.ipynb, pymt_era5.ipynb) directly through the "CUAHSI JupyterHub" web app with the following steps:
- click on the "Open with" button. (on the top right corner of the page)
- select "CUAHSI JupyterHub". (Need to join the CUAHSI JupyterHub group for the first time web app user.)
- select "CSDMS Workbench" server option. (Make sure to select the right server option.)

If there is any question or suggestion about the ERA5 data component, please create a github issue at https://github.com/gantian127/bmi_era5/issues

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