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Irma Basemap - Florida Transportation Data

Authors: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
Owners: David Arctur · datamgr Irma
DOI:10.4211/hs.7839bf475a674052b790c0ef847d58ee How to Cite
Resource type:Composite Resource
Created:Aug 10, 2018 at 4:26 a.m.
Last updated: Nov 27, 2018 at midnight by David Arctur


This resource contains statewide networks of roadways, bridges, and railway crossings, for Florida only. These datasets were obtained from Florida Dept of Transportation (FDOT) in August 2018 via their website [1]. The FDOT GIS data is continually being updated, so if you wish to find the most complete and current data, please visit that site.

Contained in the zipfile:
- Roadways (28,992 instances) including the following:
- Interstate Highways (81)
- US Highways (643)
- Toll Roads (90)
- State Highways(1,917)
- Active on the State Highway System (1,450)
- Active off the State Highway System (9,452)
- Florida Roadways (15,359)
- Bridges (9,527)
- Railway Crossings (1,937)
- Numerous other GIS feature layers as well.
All feature layers in the FDOT geodatabase also have ArcMap (.lyr) files for efficient loading and symbolizing.

[1] FDOT GIS data [http://www.fdot.gov/statistics/gis/]

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) (2018). Irma Basemap - Florida Transportation Data, HydroShare, https://doi.org/10.4211/hs.7839bf475a674052b790c0ef847d58ee

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
cites: http://www.fdot.gov/statistics/gis/
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Hurricane Irma 2017 Collection David Arctur · datamgr Irma  Published Open Access


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