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LNWB Ch01 Public Processes

Authors: Mary Dumas
Owners: Christina Bandaragoda · Jimmy Phuong
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Created:Aug 10, 2016 at 3:17 a.m.
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The Lower Nooksack Water Budget provides an estimate of the water cycle components in the Lower Nooksack Subbasin’s 16 drainages, as they vary seasonally throughout the year. It is intended to provide a common body of factual information to support water resource professionals and their salmon recovery partners working with the WRIA 1 Joint Board on water supply planning and instream flow negotiations. This overview introduces and summarizes the Lower Nooksack Water Budget, full technical report, which can be accessed at the Water Resource Inventory Area 1 (WRIA 1) Watershed Management website document library (http://wria1project.whatcomcounty.org/Home/Water-Budget/97.aspx).

The work was produced in three stages, for three audiences: technical work, usability testing and public accessibility, with the review audience widening with each stage.

Stage 1 - WRIA 1 Joint Board Watershed Management Team and related Technical Teams reviewed and commented on technical products (data inputs, outputs, and model analysis).

Stage 2 - WRIA 1 Joint Board Management Team, Water Resource and Salmon Recovery Staff Teams and respective constituents provided feedback on the usability of the technical work.

Stage 3 - The draft final report, public overview and work products were then presented to the WRIA 1 Joint Board’s policy and technical bodies, their stakeholders and public audiences in a series of 2012 presentations at public meetings; with work also posted on the WRIA 1 Project public website.

This resource is a subset of the Lower Nooksack Water Budget (LNWB) Collection Resource.

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public processes,usability review

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LNWB Ch01 Public Processes - Outreach and Review GenericResource Jimmy Phuong · Christina Bandaragoda Public & Shareable Open Access


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Mary Dumas Dumas & Associates


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Peter Gill Whatcom County Public Works
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