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A Hydroinformatics poem for Scott Peckham

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Created: May 15, 2019 at 6:26 p.m.
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Hydroinformatics is digital machinations
of ideas converted
into a pile of niche shaped
tools made of human cogs.
A community-shaped machine
that is a discontinuous
expanding puzzle,
an evolutionary masterpiece.

Hydroinformatics is fantastical dreams
of how the Earth works
natural philoshophies on
sharing optimistic futures
and kindness.
The deep kindness that flows as
quiet listening.
Converging. Diverging. Converging.

Flag = 0 Wrenching pleas unspoken.
Flag = 1 "Please believe. The earth is round
and it is in our hands. Let me show you."

for each i in n dreamers
in a loop we creatively compute
fiercely share
and gently protect.

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