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Niwot Ridge - CO - LTER C1, D1, Saddle - DWCZ related climate data, EDI links

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Niwot Ridge LTER is a partner of the DWCZ. Gordon Gulch a DWCZ site joins the North Boulder Creek about 16 km downstream from the Niwot Ridge LTER.

Niwot Ridge Long-term Ecological Research Program (NWT LTER), studies the air, snow, water, soil, microbes, lakes, trees, flowers, and animals in the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies. they measure, experiment and model how all these pieces fit together and have affected the health of our mountains over the last 40 years. Our mission is to better understand how our complex mountain systems are changing and better predict the future of the many critical services these systems provide to all of us living downhill — in Boulder, in Colorado, and beyond.

Climatological data were collected from the C1 climate station on Niwot Ridge (3018 m elevation) throughout the year. From 2000-06-24 to 2013-03-25, data were recorded using a Campbell Instruments CR23X data logger. Starting 2013-03-27, data were recorded using a Campbell Instruments CR1000 data logger. Maximum and minimum values were recorded instantaneously, with a sampling interval of 5 seconds. Daily means and totals were calculated from 17,280 individual measurements. The CR23X logger was programmed to generate both hourly and daily output. The CR1000 logger generated daily, hourly, and minute data until 2014-09-10, when these time periods were discontinued and only 10 minute raw data were collected.

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