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Structural Controllability Algorithms

Authors: M. Sadegh Riasi · Lilit Yeghiazarian
Owners: M. Sadegh Riasi
Resource type:Composite Resource
Created:Aug 15, 2017 at 6:57 p.m.
Last updated: Aug 15, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. by M. Sadegh Riasi


This resource contains the MATLAB codes and data files needed to replicate the results presented in "M. S. Riasi, L. Yeghiazarian, Controllability of Surface Water Networks, Water Resources Research, 2017."
Theis resource contains two separate packages:

1. Controllability CODE: This folder contains the MATLAB scripts and data needed to perform structural controllability analysis. User can run the code simply by running the "MAIN.m" script. Immediately after running this script, user is prompted to select a text file that contains the directed graph of the network from "Input Data" folder. "Input Data" folder includes the digraphs of all 11 networks used in this study. For each network, two .txt file exist: "NetworkName.txt" and "NetworkName_XY". The first text file includes the edges of the the digraph and the latter includes coordinate of the nodes. For the MAIN script to work, user must select the "NetworkName.txt".

2. Network Extraction: The network extraction code only consists of one MATLAB script: "StreamNetReader.m". This script was written to extract the digraph of delta images. By running "StreamNetReader.m", user can select from a catalog of 7 delta images.

Subject Keywords

Control centrality,System dynamics,Full controllability,Target control efficiency,Surface water network,Structural Controllability,Control profile

How to cite

Riasi, M. S., L. Yeghiazarian (2017). Structural Controllability Algorithms, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/b4a3da16a65847e0839471caf75f139b

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Name Organization Address Phone Author Identifiers
M. Sadegh Riasi University of Cincinnati
Lilit Yeghiazarian University of Cincinnati Ohio, US


This resource was created using funding from the following sources:
Agency Name Award Title Award Number
National Science Foundation CAREER:Integrated Research & Education In Stochastic Systems-Based Watershed Management & Water Safety (SWMS) 1351361


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