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2017 Collaborative RAPID Diagram

Authors: Tim Sauder · Christina Bandaragoda
Owners: Tim Sauder
Resource type:Composite Resource
Created:May 02, 2018 at 6:50 p.m.
Last updated: May 09, 2018 at 10:19 a.m. by Tim Sauder


The project landing page on HydroShare provides access to both public access and privacy-protected information in the form of:

01 Water Quality Sampling Campaign
- a public data archive of baseline Puerto Rico, including geolocated water sampling data post-Hurricane Maria, and population health surveys, with capacity for private clinical data repositories and private water samples. Developed to provide easy access,

02 Data Archive
- scientific researchers could use these data products to investigate health impacts of disaster events caused by contaminated drinking water. The software infrastructure depends on

03 Cyberinfrastructure Advances
- advancing the integration of flexible data formats like the Landlab rastermodelgrid and ODM2 which are designed with metadata that captures space-time variations, and open-sourced software installed on CUAHSI JupyterHub Server.

- These components are designed to be disseminated to new users, used for educational purposes, and integrated into HIPAA-compliant computing environments for use in research.

Subject Keywords

Diagram,Graphic Design,Water,Cyberinfrastructure,RAPID Poster

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Sauder, T., C. Bandaragoda (2018). 2017 Collaborative RAPID Diagram, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/b4f5526590704b40a025af7905225072

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Tim Sauder Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering;Return Design
Christina Bandaragoda University of Washington Washington, US


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