Wasatch Environmental Observatory Red Butte Network: Rating Curve at Cottam's Grove Basic Aquatic (RB_CG_BA)

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This dataset contains a stage-discharge relationship developed for the Wasatch Environmental Observatory Red Butte Network aquatic site on Red Butte Creek near Cottam’s Grove Basic Aquatic (RB_CG_BA). Discharge measurements were collected by a SonTek FlowTracker. Measured stage and discharge and the curve are contained in the Rating Curve file. Information on the site conditions and any issues with discharge measurements are documented in the README file. Files associated with each measurement (e.g., output by the FlowTracker instrument) are contained in the .zip directory. New versions of these files may be loaded when new flow measurements are taken. Calculated discharge for this site can be found here: https://www.hydroshare.org/resource/4659632bae8a440698b1c6b0f4d3558a/

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WGS 84 EPSG:4326
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Red Butte Creek Watershed


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Additional Metadata

Name Value
Observed Variables discharge - discharge, ISO_%error - uncertainty ISO method, Stats_%error - uncertainty Statistical method, stageplate_start - Gage height, stageplate_end - Gage height, stageplate_avg - Gage height, Water Surface - Elevation, Gauging Method - Method, Instrument - Instrument, Field Technician - Technician, Transect Location - Location, File Name - summary file, Notes - field notes
Variable Description Water Discharge related variables
Data Collection Method Water discharge measured using a SonTek FlowTracker. The Stream gauging method used is the Velocity Area Mid-Section Method. Stage is observed from pressure transducer observations and readings of a static stage plate.


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National Science Foundation iUTAH-innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability 1208732


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Dave Eiriksson University of Utah
Paul Brooks University of Utah
Logan Jamison University of Utah

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