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National Water Model RouteLinks CSV

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Created: Oct 15, 2021 at 3:52 p.m.
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This resource contains "RouteLink" files for version 2.1.6 of the National Water Model which are used to associate feature identifiers for computational reaches to relevant metadata. These data are important for comparing NWM feature data to USGS streamflow and lake observations. The original RouteLink files are in NetCDF format and available here:

This resource includes the files in a human-friendlier CSV format for easier use, and a machine-friendlier file in HDF5 format which contains a single pandas.DataFrame. The scripts and supporting utilities are also included for users that wish to rebuild these files. Source code is hosted here:

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NWM RouteLinks

Utilities used to extract metadata that links National Water Model (NWM) feature identifiers to United States Geological Survey (USGS) site codes.


Running make in this directory will build the required Python environment, retrieve raw NetCDF Routelink files from NCEP and convert them to CSV. This creates two new directories: netcdf which will contain the raw NetCDF files and csv which will contain a CSV equivalent to each file in netcdf. You can view a list of the file URLs retrieved in files.txt. Actual Python code is in scripts. The default make target will generate a RouteLinks.tar.gz which contains all the csv files and a RouteLink.h5 that contains all the data in a pandas.DataFrame.

Running make clean will remove the intermediate files. Running make all-clean will remove the final files and the intermediate files.


If you found this resource on HydroShare, you just need to download one of the final files (RouteLinks.tar.gz or RouteLink.h5).

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