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Luquillo CZO Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma sensor database

Authors: Miguel Leon · Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory
Owners: Miguel Leon
Resource type:Composite Resource
Created:Apr 19, 2018 at 1:48 p.m.
Last updated: Aug 06, 2018 at 4:41 p.m. by Miguel Leon


Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory sensor database 153 time series from 40 sensors at 9 sites with 5 million + time series values.

Sites with data are:
EP1 - Observation well - East Peak 1
Bisley-Q3 - Stream gage - Bisley Quebrada 3
Icacos-Pulse-RI -Stream gage - Icacos Pulse Installation
Prieta - Stream gage - Prieta
QS-Quebrada_Sonadora - Stream gage - Quebrada Sonadora
RESSH - Stream gage - Rio Espiritu Santo Stream House
RESL - Stream gage - Rio Espritu Santo Launch
Rio_Icacos_Trib-IO - Stream gage - Rio Icacos Tributary
El-Verde-Weather - Weather station - El Verde Field Station NDAP

Many of the data values contained in this database are raw values taken directly from instruments, use with caution.

Subject Keywords

Hurricane Maria,LCZO,Hurricane Irma,CZO,Puerto Rico,Sensors

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Leon, M., Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory (2018). Luquillo CZO Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma sensor database, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/e049f19dc8ba46c98754711da2ab6030

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     Coordinate System/Geographic Projection:  WGS 84 EPSG:4326
     Coordinate Units:  Decimal degrees
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    Name Organization Address Phone Author Identifiers
    Miguel Leon University of Pennslyvania
    Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory
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    Hurricane Maria 2017 Collection Christina Bandaragoda  Public &  Shareable Open Access


    This resource was created using funding from the following sources:
    Agency Name Award Title Award Number
    NSF Luquillo CZO: The role of hot spots and hot moments in tropical landscape evolution and functioning of the critical zone 1331841
    NSF RAPID: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Building Infrastructure to Prevent Disasters like Hurricane Maria 1810172


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