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LiDAR and Wetlands: Acquisition Guidelines for these Challenging Landforms

Authors: Sandra Fox · Keith Patterson · Nick Kules · Al Kalrin
Owners: Sandra Fox
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Created:May 01, 2018 at 5:25 p.m.
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AWRA GIS & Water Resources X: Spatial Analysis of Watersheds: Ecological, Hydrological and Societal Responses
April 22 – 25, 2018
Abstract Title: LiDAR and Wetlands: Acquisition Guidelines for these Challenging Landforms
Presenter: Sandra Fox, SJRWMD
Co-authors: Keith Paterson, Dewberry; Nick Kules, Dewberry; Kimberli Ponzio, SJRWMD; Steven J. Miller, SJRWMD; Richard Guilfoyle, SJRWMD; Bill Van Sickle, SJRWMD; James Walters, SJRWMD; Sherry Brandt-Williams, SJRWMD, Al Karlin, SWFWMD

Abstract included in Topical Session
Topical Session Title: New and Emerging LiDAR Technologies: High Density and TopoBathymetric LiDAR Sensors (organized by Dr. Al Karlin, SWFWMD)

As part of a topical session devoted to new and emerging Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technologies, this presentation focuses on the challenges present when wetlands are a major component of the landscape, particularly in Florida. Examples: A “standard” driver for determining acquisition timing has been “leaf off” conditions, which may not be relevant in our sunny clime especially in wetlands. A far more relevant driver is hydrology. Wetlands are not always “wet”; simple models based on historical stage records are being used in the Upper St Johns River Basin (USJRB) to “fly when it’s dry” – a better driver for LiDAR acquisition. The problem of dense vegetation obscuring true ground has been successfully addressed with high point densities and 55% flight overlap, among other sensor specifications. Lastly, successful results involving reprocessing and recalibrating older (2012) LiDAR data, also in USJRB wetlands (at a significant cost savings compared to re-flying the project area) will be presented.

Presentation at 2018 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Water Resources X, Orlando, Florida, April 23-25, http://awra.org/meetings/Orlando2018/

Subject Keywords

wetlands,point cloud reprocessing,AWRA2018,LiDAR,digital elevation models,DEM

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Fox, S., K. Patterson, N. Kules, A. Kalrin (2018). LiDAR and Wetlands: Acquisition Guidelines for these Challenging Landforms, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/f539b4b445014b31910ac6ce865c18ca

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Nick Kules Dewberry
Al Kalrin Southwest Florida Water Management District


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