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This study was conducted to understand the flow of water in an urban supply system and connect tap water at a specific location to its respective sources.

Data Collection Methods: JVWCD service area surveys: Water samples collected from source, reservoirs, and different locations within the JVWCD service area.

Location of Data Collection: we collect approximately 100 samples per month. The sites are1) source water for JVWCD i.e. Provo river system and wells situated across the SLV, 2) different reservoirs and water treatment plant within the JVWCD supply system and 3) different sites distributed across the JVWCD service area. Similar to the SLV site ID, each site has been assigned a fixed ID.
Shape files for the regions sampled will be included.

Data Analysis: For each site, samples were obtained by running the tap water for ~15 seconds before filling, capping and sealing (with parafilm) a clean 4 ml glass vial. Samples were analyzed for their isotopic composition within a few weeks of their collection at the Stable Isotope Ratios for Environmental Research (SIRFER), University of Utah, on Picarro L2130-i Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzer. All the sample values are reported using the δ notation, where δ=Rsample/Rstandard -1, R= 2H/1H and 18O/16O. Four injections of each sample were measured and corrected for memory effects, through-run drift, and calibrated to the VSMOW-VSLAP scale, using a suite of three laboratory reference waters (PZ: 16.9‰, 1.65‰; PT: -45.6‰, -7.23‰; UT: -123.1‰, -16.52‰; for δ2H and δ18O, respectively).


Water tracking,Tap Water,Stable Isotopes,Salt Lake valley

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