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ODM2 IPython Notebook Examples

Authors: Jeffery Horsburgh
Owners: Jeffery Horsburgh
Resource type:Generic
Created:May 05, 2017 at 2:59 p.m.
Last updated: May 17, 2017 at 3:02 p.m. by Jeffery Horsburgh


This resource provides three examples of how to use ODM2 and its Python application programming interface (API). The three examples are as follows:

1. ODM2_Example1.ipynb: Create a blank ODM2 database and load controlled vocabulary terms from http://vocabulary.odm2.org in preparation for data loading.
2. ODM2_Example2.ipynb: Parse water quality sample data from an ODM2 Excel Template file using the ODM2 Python API and write data to an ODM2 database instance and a YAML Observations Data Archive (YODA) file.
3. ODM2_Example3.ipynb: Read water quality sample data from an ODM2 database instance using the ODM2 Python API for manipulation or visualization of the data.

Instructions for running each of these Notebooks using HydroShare's JupyterHub server are in the "readme.pdf" file in the Content section below.

The data used by these examples are packaged in the "data" folder within the content section below. Code for generating the ODM2 schema, loading the controlled vocabularies, the ODM2 Python API, and the YODA Tools utilities has been packaged for convenience in the "code" folder in the content section below. Each of these are available in their respective GitHub repositories see http://github.com/ODM2/.

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National Science Foundation Developing a Community Information Model and Supporting Software to Extend Interoperability of Sensor and Sample Based Earth Observations 1224638


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