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Climate Adaptation Science Project Work

Authors: CAS Coordinator · David E Rosenberg
Owners: David Rosenberg · CAS Coordinator
Resource type:Collection Resource
Created:Dec 07, 2018 at 7:03 p.m.
Last updated: Jan 16, 2019 at 4:51 p.m. by CAS Coordinator


This collection contains all resources generated as part of the Climate Adaptation Science (CAS) project (https://climateadaptation.usu.edu/). Resources include student course projects, research projects, internship work, assessments of educational outcomes, and other project materials. When creating resources, CAS participants will make all input data, models, code, results, instructions, and other digital artifacts developed for the project available for others to use, with the exception of sensitive human subjects data (expected level of reproducibility of at least Artifacts available). The steps at XXXXXX [CAS website] provide instructions for CAS participants to create a Hydroshare resource and request to add the resource to this collection. These steps were approved by the CAS Leadership Team on Nov. 15, 2018 and will be updated as needed. This collection is maintained by the CAS project coordinator.

Subject Keywords

Climate,Climate Adaptation,Science,Climate Adaptation Science,Climate Change,Adaptation,Reproducibility,Utah State University

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Coordinator, C., D. E. Rosenberg (2019). Climate Adaptation Science Project Work, HydroShare, http://www.hydroshare.org/resource/d06bf320d76f47a19c5f3583f293c48d

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Collection Contents

Add Title Type Owners Sharing Status My Permission Remove
The Impacts of Wildfire Characteristics and Employment on the Adaptive Management Strategies in the Intermountain West GenericResource Liana Prudencio Public & Shareable Open Access
CAS Data Management Procedures CompositeResource CAS Coordinator Public & Shareable Open Access


The people or organizations that created the intellectual content of the resource.

Name Organization Address Phone Author Identifiers
CAS Coordinator Utah State University;USU Climate Adaptation Science
David E Rosenberg Utah State University


This resource was created using funding from the following sources:
Agency Name Award Title Award Number
National Science Foundation NRT: Graduate Climate Adaptation Research that Enhances Education and Responsiveness of science at the management-policy interface (Grad-CAREER) 1633756


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