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2016 CUAHSI Biennial Symposium Workshop

Group for attendees at the 2016 CUAHSI Biennial Symposium to access and share materials used in the workshop and to explore HydroShare collaboration Functionality

Join us from 1:30-3:30 on July 26, 2016 at the CUAHSI biennial symposium in Shepherdstown, WV to learn how CUAHSI’s data access and analysis tools can be incorporated into your teaching and research. During the first half the workshop, participants will learn how to discover and download data from the CUAHSI Water Data Center using CUAHSI’s web application HydroClient and how to analyze data using the WaterML R Package. Workshop participants will be asked to provide feedback on these tools, and CUAHSI staff will explain how such feedback is incorporated into the development process, as well as how one can become more involved in guiding development choices.

The second half of the workshop will introduce HydroShare. HydroShare is a platform for data publication and collaboration for users to share multiple hydrologic data types, analytical tools, and models. During this portion of the workshop, participants will learn how to use HydroShare to:
(1) Upload, share and publish science products in HydroShare and receive a citable digital object identifier (DOI). This helps fulfill NSF’s data management requirements.
(2) Use HydroShare for collaboration, sharing data and models with individual users or a group,
(3) Organize resources into collections in HydroShare,
(4) Use the HydroShare GIS app to visualize and create web maps using content in HydroShare,
(5) Use the CyberGIS TauDEM app to perform web based digital elevation model hydrologic terrain analysis.

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